These days it seems like everyone and everything needs a metaverse strategy. This project started as a play with words, but it turned out quite interesting. Metalverse. What if you could navigate a metaverse with just black metal logotypes?

I began by scraping all the black metal logotypes from the magnificent Metal Archives). It’s so fun to treat regular web sites asĀ  datasets. This black metal dataset currently consists of 43831 bands, which took about a weekend to download.

These logos were then wrapped in A-frame using the dodacahedron layout component in this Stack Overflow post. A-frame really didn’t like all this data so it had to be sharded into chunks of 20 logos to not fall over, but then it kind of worked.

Loading it up in VR makes it even worse, it’s like you’re trapped in endless evilness. Perfect. Wow. Metalverse.

It’s unclear if this should ever see the light of day.
Probably not, so not providing a demo URL.