Before you read any further: our API access was revoked. Read more at the bottom of the post to see fine examples of what people did with it over on Reddit.

In November 2021 OpenAI opened up their product GPT-3 to the public and we started messing around with it.  The hype was real in both the tech community and more mainstream outlets like This American Life.

GPT-3 is described this way:”Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.”

However, my expectations going into this exploration were low. Since I can’t ask my Google Home to perform even the most basic tasks, I had very little hope for this tool regardless of hype. I was wrong. This is fun. And it feels limitless, in a way. It can do so much, and this tiny example I’m about to show you doesn’t do it justice. But still, it’s fun.

Below, feed it three random things and it will, contextually from what the words represent, generate three ideas which could be used in advertising. Or at least be something that opens up the creative process in unexpected ways. 

Noteworthy is the fact that I asked GPT-3 to translate the JavaScript I made to fiddle around into PHP code to be used on this WordPress blog, and it just worked. Which means it wrote its own demo code. It seems GPT-3 doesn’t discriminate between languages, not even between English and code…


So, this got some attention on /r/internetisbeautiful and OpenAI sent us a notice that we were not complying with their terms and conditions. The Reddit hype seems to have subsided for now, so we’ll leave it up for a while. If it seems broken when you test it, please check the Reddit thread to find out what was created when it worked.